18 महीने घर में बंद थे हनी सिंह, किया इस बीमारी का खुलासा !! HONEY SINGH !! Some time ago we came to a pop singer among the people, and it became so fierce that people used to sing songs of theirs, often on them, but then one day he suddenly disappeared, and his fans were his, There was no news. Yes, we are talking about Honey Singh, Yo Yo Honey Singh. Know, Where did that time disappeared, Honey Singh and what was later said. There were reports of various types of them, it was said that Honey Singh has become addicted to drugs and drugs, and he is getting his treatment in Rehab for redemption. So the news came that his, Shah Rukh Khan of Bollywood, King Khan has slapped him during a trip. Not only this, one of Honey Singh’s photographs, in the year 2014, the social media became viral in which he was lying on the hospital beds, the message spread with this picture, that Honey Singh has died.



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