Locked is a latest 2017 Horror Bollywood Movie. The film is about six people who have to go through the trauma of their life as they come into an abandoned plot, named as Plot no. 666. Being a restricted area because of the death of many people, the villagers fear to come to this area but being adventurers, when the six people barge in the house built on this plot, it marks the beginning of horror with all the bad things starting to happen. we can hear a voice of a woman saying, everybody is going to die tonight. And then we find 6 people coming to the area. There is a woman with a red jacket shown who is presumed to be a witch. In one of the scenes we can see her making spooky faces at the protagonists. Thriller films have always worked when the concept is high. In Plot No. 666, one of the main leads can predict what happens in the future. But still all of them will lead to this house which is haunted and jinxed. The film is made for the youngsters in mind as the music, setting and treatment is of the genre which youth like to watch. But the story should be believable. Subscribe ‘Gold Digiplex Movies’ – https://goo.gl/23Hwh4 locked full movie, locked movie horror, locked horror movie, bollywood full movie 2017, bollywood full movies 2016, hindi movies new, bollywood full movies new, horror movies 2017 full movie, bollywood horror movies 2017, hindi movies 2017 full movie, bollywood new movie 2017, latest hindi movies 2017


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